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Discover why VisaService is the right choice for all your Fiancee Visa needs!

100 percent success rate

We boast a 100 percent success rate on all USCIS submissions. The reason for this success rate is attributed to years of experience and extreme attention to detail. Each petition is meticulously reviewed before USCIS submission, in order to be 100 percent certain there are no potential problems.

Faster approval from start to finish

Although there are certain, unavoidable waiting periods, the entire process can be accelerated by an experienced attorney. The fact that the case is assembled professionally, with a close eye to detail, will ensure that the USCIS will have everything they need, in the proper order, the first time, which will spare the client costly delays. If the client chooses the Premium service we will prepare all the paperwork for the Fiancee and assist her in obtaining the required supporting documents, thus enabling her to obtain an earlier interview date.

Full USCIS as well as Embassy support

The basic service includes full USCIS service. Your I-129F petition will be carefully assembled and submitted to the appropriate office. From there it will be monitored until approval. For those that choose the Premium service our full Embassy service is included. This entails the completion of all the forms and assistance with collecting all documents necessary for the Fiancee for her Embassy interview. Our staff will also consult with the Fiancee to double check all her forms and get her ready for the interview process. Ms. Jones has experienced the visa process first hand - she understands how your Fiancee feels and will make the process much more comfortable for her.

We cross the t's and dot the i's - so you don't have to

We do not expect you to understand or even care to understand what is involved in filing a proper Fiancee visa petition. It is not your job; it is not what you do. It is what we do, and what you are paying us to do. We are responsible for completing all the forms correctly - not you. We are responsible for keeping abreast of the constant changes in the K-1 process - not you. We are responsible for making sure you receive approval of your petition in the fastest time possible - not you. All you have to do is supply us with the necessary information and supporting documents (all of which are detailed in the package you will receive) and we do the rest.

Russian speaking attorney, licensed in both U.S. and Russia

Attorney Ms. Jones is able to empathize with both the petitioner and the Fiancee since she has gone through the visa process herself. She is capable of speaking to many of the women she services in their native language and helps to make them comfortable with the process. Since most processing times can easily be 5 months or more it is important that the woman feels as though the process is moving forward and is informed as to the progress.

Over 9 years experience working with International couples

Visa Services has been working to bring together International Couples for over 9 years. Their experience is invaluable when it comes to support issues such as how to deal with being separated during the Visa processing time, long distance relationships, as well as how to make your Fiancee feel at home once she arrives. If interpersonal problems do arise before or after your fiancee arrives, our staff is available for free consultations and will share our vast experience with you and give our perspective so you have an objective opinion on which to rely.

Licensed to practice Immigration Law in all 50 states

Immigration Attorney Ms. Jones is licensed to practice Federal Immigration Law in all 50 states. It makes no difference as to which state you reside in, we are available to assist you in the Fiancee visa process. All documents and correspondence are sent by next day Express mail and are traceable, so there is never a concern about lost documents. Ms. Jones is also licensed to practice Immigration Law in Russia.

Assistance with K-1 Fiancee or K-3 Spousal Visas in any country

It makes no difference where you find your special someone; we can assist you with the Fiancee visa in any country in the world.

Support and counseling available to the Fiancee

The Premium Service includes support and counseling for your Fiancee during the entire process. This is an important process for both of you, every step of the process is important. Problems can and do arise at the embassy that can be easily dealt with by an experienced attorney. Your Fiancee will have all the support and assistance she will need in order to make the process as stress free and smooth as possible.

Competent legal services from a professional Immigration Attorney

For your own protection, be sure that whomever you decide to assist you in your case is a licensed Immigration Attorney, USCIS regulations prohibit non-lawyer companies from representing petitioners or the Fiancee. Attorney Ms. Jones is licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states and is the Vice Chairperson of the State Bar of Arizona. Her practice is dedicated solely to immigration matters.

Here are some recent testimonials we have received in reference to our service:

As you all know I was engaged in Nizhny Novgorod on our trip. When I returned I hired an attorney to do all the paperwork her name is Ms. Jones. Today I recieved the approval of that Visa from the INS, it now goes to the National Visa Center for processing which will take approx. 2 weeks, from there Marina will have her interview in Moscow and then come here.

I hope each of you have as an easy time of it as I have had ! The Attorney made all the Difference!
Rick W

I just wanted to tell you something. I have had some experiences with attorney's over the years and I appreciate your personal interaction and prompt replies that isn't usually the case with most I've dealt with. It speaks well of you in my eyes and I would reccomend you highly to anyone needing your services.
Thanks, Ron

Hi Maria,
We did it, Elena got the visa right away, she did not sleep at all the nite before. Thank you for your help and I will contact you when Elena gets here to go over pre nuptual interpretation and thank you personally for your help. Your still invited to the wedding, I know you would have fun , also it would be good p.r. for again,
Dennis and Elena

Dear Maria:
I wish once again to thank you for help and support for me and to inform that yesterday, on August, 17th, I had successful interview in the American embassy and I have received the visa. My passport with the visa and a yellow envelope with my documents I shall receive on Friday express service. Anyway so to me have told in embassy. Also I am very grateful to the worker of branch of your agency Foreign Affair - Yulya. Yulya has met me in Kiev, has checked up my documents on correctness of filling and has helped with rent of an apartment. I wish to note professionalism and quality of work of agency. Once again, thanks you very much for the help me and Dan.
Successful day for you.
Singayevskaya Elena
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